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Car dvd player Box for android Universal navigation using USB connection

Model Number: SUV-U6138

Android navigation system external USB - DVD box, support all android screen navigation,
only need a USB connection, don't have to connect the power cord, installation is simple.
Touch screen control DVD box functions, such as: drag the progress bar, selections,
fast forward retreat quickly, in and out of the disc, etc.CD quality good, DVD image is clear. 

Applies to more than android 4.4 version of the equipment for this product
The three major functions:
1. Connecting LCD TV when home DVD home use;
2. Connect my laptop can drive when using;
3. Connect part of android car GPS navigation can play DVDS.

Use in the car:

The android screen navigation in use on two methods:
1. Don't install the APP, the USB can be used directly on the plug, music CDS point screen machine interface icon,
DVDS, some domestic machine interface video icon
2. In order to better operation experience, can install a dedicated APP player software,
(stand within the letter, please contact us to send the installation package APP, only 6 MB size, tell me your E-mail address.)
WHATSAPP: + 86 15919820731
3. Television and computers in order to don't need to install the APP, can use directly connected.
4. 10 to 30 seconds before, maybe there will be a pause, this is need some time to buffer read DVD file, belongs to the normal situation.
The following picture is connect all kinds of equipment