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Renault Latitude Laguna III Safrane car radio Android GPS navi camera player


                             Model: SUV-R7200A       Special for Renault Latitude Laguna III Safrane 
 Android Support For The Following Functions

1 ) Built in Mirrorlink 
2 ) CarPlay is external dongle(optional)

It supports steering wheel button, USB, AUX.
Before Install:

General Features:
Operating system: Android 10.0;
Processor: 8 cores 1.8G 64 bit Spreadtrum SC9853i Intel 14 nm airmont;
Operation memory 4GB, IPDDR3;
Internal storage 64GB;
GPS + GLONASS navigation module and antenna;

2 USB flash storage port. Support MDG 1 TB (NTFS format);
Support American cable charging iPhone music;
Carplay support.
Screen size : 7inch 1024*600
A true IPS matrix with natural colors and no distortion. Wide horizon and high brightness;
Comfortable to touch and beautiful to look at.

Original Radio /CD/AUX:
The Functions is displayed on the original screen can be displayed on the android screen 

1) If the Car has original  Reverse Camera  or original 360 full view, our products also can support;
2) If the original car does not have original reverse Camera, you need buy a camera 

More Pictures:

Supporting the Call , answer , and hang up the phone ,supporting the upddating of phonebook , supporting the bluetooth music  
two Bluetooth modules: the 5.1 version with Intel's aptX code for data transmission (OBD, TPMS, etc.) New APTX Codec - Codek Poses
The new aptx encoding allows smartphones or other devices to play sound as a proximity CD;
Separate microphone gain control; put the microphone under your car;
Adjust the volume separately in call mode;
Bluetooth data transmission. Eight connections at the same time. (the OBD + TPMS + telephone can run with the device at the same time)
Bluetooth OBD and TPMS. A car can use two or more data links through Bluetooth at the same time. You need to buy the right device and OS Android Software.
Display MP3 label on the car screen) A2DP;
External Bluetooth antenna receives best;
Built in microphone is used for sound control of Android system;
External microphone for loudspeaker;
Call list, contact list, selected contacts, speed dial.