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Auto Car DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner DAB Antenna Box for Android GPS Radio

Model Number: SUV-D6131

* DIP type of DAB/DAB+ module
* Frequency Range(Band-III:170MHz~215MHz)
* Size:25(W)x36(L)x1.6(T)mm
* C I2C (UART)Remote Control Interface
* Full Compliance with DAB/DAB+ Standards
* Advanced signal processing
* Advanced AU output
* Voltage input +5V
* Portable Portable(Kitchen Kitchen)Radio
* Car DAB Digital Radio
* DAB/iPod docking system
* CD/Audio system
* Portable and Handheld Devices with DAB
Block  Diagram
Full e Module k Block 

1.After you connect the DAB+ with the headunit ,connect the USB cable to car charger, and press the button “1”to power up.
2.Check the DAB+ signal.
3.Click the SCAN button, it will find the DAB+ stations, and save automatically.
FM transmitter
1.Press “MENU”, choose “speaker setting-car speaker”
2. Choose “Transmit freq”, turn the power nob to set the frequency, 87.5MHz is the preset Frequency.
3. Turn on the car radio, set the the same frequency, you will get the DAB+ station from the DAB+ box received. 

Suitable for car radio,compatible with DAB+ function.
High audio quality output via AUX.
Using the FM transmission for sound output,you can also enjoy the DAB+radio even your car radio without DAB+function.

1)Support FM transmission
2)you can listen to the DAB+radio station on your car radio by the FM transmission even your original radio without DAB+ function.
attention:your radio is required to built in FM radio function
4)it comes with bluetooth function,which make it more convenient to answer phone calls or listen to bluetooth music while driving.

Step1:Disassemble the plastic border of the right window

Step2:Remove the protective paper from the black film and transparent film on the Antenna

Step3:Stick the black film on the metal frame and transparent film on the glass
(Remember to leave the space for put the plastic border back) 


Step4:Tighten the black film and transparent film, and fix the cable securely. 

Step5:Put the plastic border back ( Be careful do not break the cable)