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Land Rover Freelander 2 vertical Tesla Android radio GPS navigation

Model: SUV-L8413B       Special for Land Rover Freelander 2 (2007-2015)

                                                          Android Support For The Following Functions


Before Install:

After Install:


System: ​Pure Android 9.0 OS, RAM 4GB DDR3,ROM: 32GB/64GB,Six-Core 64bit PX6 Processor
Product Information:
1. Operating system: android system
2. Memory: Standard 2GB 32GB/4GB 64GB
3. Screen Size:  10.4 inch
4. Media format: MP3/ MP4/WMA/JPEG, etc
5. Video format: Support HD 1080P/4K ISP screen 
6. Screen resolution: 1280*800 digital  screen or higher, with dual-zone function.
1. USB port: USB 2.0 host/USB OTG
2. Built-in Built-in Appsatellite signal/32-bit Renesas/MCU receiving module.
3. Built-in wifi(use the hotspot on your smartphone to connect to the internet)
4. Built-in BT, BT phone freehand call synchronization contact list
5. Built-in Google Play Store app, download the apps what you need
6. Supports Apple Phone (CARPlay), Android Phone (Android Auto) mobile phone interconnection 
7. Support original car functions (such as air conditioning, atmosphere lights, steering wheel function, 
original car reversing image, etc.)