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Hyundai Creta ix25 vertical screen Tesla Android radio GPS Camera

Model: SUV-H8416A       Special for Hyundai Creta / ix25 (2016-2019)

                                                          Android Support For The Following Functions

Before Install:

After Install:







System: ​Pure Android 9.0 OS, RAM 4GB DDR3,ROM: 32GB/64GB,Six-Core 64bit PX6 Processor
1: Built-in DSP
2: Built-in wireless CARPLAY
3: Android AUTO support
4: 7850 amplifier
5: support voice check: English
6: HDMI-that is, the headrest support
7: AHD high-definition video input reversal
8: Capacitive Multi-touch screen / HD Resolution 1920 * 1080 IPS Screen
9: Bluetooth 5.0 - Three-way call support,advanced Edition Qualcomm 5.0 Solution
    Supports NX TX ATTX Without Loss of Sound Quality
10: HD 1080 P support + Lossless music support
11: Built-in Wifi / Support 3G / 4G Network
12: Android App support download and Google play store
13: Video support:
     WMV (VC1 Code) AVI (H.264, MPEG4, Xvid, WMV), MP4 (H.263, H.264, MPEG4), MPG (MPEG-2), m4V (H.264, MPEG4)