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Audi A6 A7 Wireless Apple CarPlay Box Original Screen Update

Model: SUV-P202-A6A7       

Main Functions:
1.Working with wireless apple CarPlay,connecting via Bluetooth ,transfer by wifi .
​2.Support android auto.
3.GPS navigation apps,Google maps,Waze,and apple maps are all available. 
4.Music apples spotify, Apple music ,Amazon and other audios through factory media.
5.Aftermarket Rear view camera input / Parking sensor / Dynamic guidelines are supported .
6.USB flash drive to play music and HD videos by connect USB port .
7.Lossless sound quality,perfect presentation,EQ adjustment.(we are the first one owns this technology in market)
8.Original car wire plug and play,no cutting wire, no breaking wire,non-destructive 

Original car button operation instructions
1) Knob button: Press down to confirm, the knob operation is the same as the original car
2) Menu button: short press to return to the previous menu
3) Back button: short press to call out SIRI
5) Direction key: same as the original car
6) Navigation key: long press to enter the CarPlay selection interface
7) Source button: When CarPaly is connected, the sound will be selected by AUX to access the system.
Steering wheel button function
8) Voice button: short press SIRI, long press 2 seconds fast answer / hang up phone
9) Volume button: lightly mute the sound and video; tap again to restore the original volume
10) NAV button: Press and hold for 3 seconds in the original car interface to switch Carplay
11) Select button: scroll up and down to select menu, press down to confirm
12. Reverse gear: hang Reverse gear automatically switch to reverse
Product Features
1. Support Apple mobile phone wireless / wired CarPlay system
2. Support Android mobile phone wireless / wired Android Auto system
3. Support VGA, 360 camera input.
4. Support Apple mobile phone wireless projection technology (mirror LINK)
5. Support high quality sound quality, EQ adjustment.
6. Support front camera input, rear camera/radar/track display.

Dear customer:
     Before purchase
     Please confirm the Audi vehicle configuration,
     The vehicle configuration is different and the required power cord is different.
 * When using the CarPlay system,
   Need IN MEDIA set AUX, the CarPlay system will have sound.

*USB HD playback function introduction
Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port and click the USB icon in the main menu. The system will play it automatically.
*Setting function introduction
Voice input menu: English
Display menu: support for adjusting brightness
Audio menu: You can adjust the system volume
Microphone volume: You can adjust the Mic volume
EQ: The sound mode can be adjusted
Loundness: can turn the bass mode on and off
Rear view camera: You can switch between the original rear view camera and the carplay box rear view camera.
User upgrade: Upgrade the CarPlay system and MCU software
* Apple AirPlay Mirror link function introduction
1. Click on the AirPlay option in the main menu and the following prompt appears.
2. Find the corresponding SSID in the phone Wifi, such as Gplink_b5b876, enter the password 8888888. On the Apple phone
Slide up at the bottom of the screen, select AirPlay in the menu option that is pulled out, and then click the appropriate device to complete
Mirroring. The image was successful.
*Wired Android auto function introduction
Download Android auto software for Android phones;
Click the Android auto icon in the main menu; use the USB cable to connect to the phone and wait for the connection to succeed.