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BMW X3 F25 X4 F26 CIC NBT Autoradio system Android GPS Navigation camera

Model: SUV-B9620A
Note: CIC and NBT just have display screen lvds plug difference,the rest are the same.
Follow the car year or original Factory head unit screen Menu to choose right one.
CIC means the display LVDS plug is 4pin 
NBT  means the display LVDS plug is 6pin
BMW X3 F25 X4 F26 2011-2013 (4 PIN LVDS CIC System)
BMW X3 F25 X4 F26 2014-2016 (6 PIN LVDS NBT System)
the car year is just for reference ,better to check lvds plug to make sure.

Before Install:

After Install:

More Info:

Key Features:
- Keep the original BMW system and all functions. Now you can upgrade to a modern car stereo without losing anything.
- No need cut wires, simple installation, plug and play.
- Android 10.0 system, Support Google play store
- Advanced MTK CPU (4-core or 8-core), DDR3 2GB RAM+32GB ROM or DDR4 8GB RAM +64/128GB ROM (optional)
- 10.25" premium IPS 5-point touch screen, clear display at ultra-wide viewing range, 1920*720 or 1280*480 resolution (optional)
- Built-in GPS/Glonass, supports google maps, Navitel and other navigation apps
- Built-in Bluetooth for phone call or music play
- Built-in Microphone, & support external microphone.
- Built in CarPlay & Android Auto function (optional)
- Built-in Wi-Fi/supports 4G LTE(optional)/hotspot for internet connection
- Supports mirror-link connection
- Supports steering wheel control and iDrive knob buttons
- Built-in voice assistant function
- Support factory rear view camera, 360 camera, parking radar or after-market rear camera
- Support forward DVR video recorder while driving
- Remains BMW original AM/FM/Sirius/XM tuner
- Support original car information display
- Support 4K HD video, split screen, PIP function
- Support 70+ kind of language to choose, you can switch language types freely